Oh Really, and VeggieTales Find It - Review

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Oh Really, and VeggieTales Find It - Review

By Find It Games / Friday, July 29, 2011 /
“Founded by husband and wife partners, Bob and Lynn Knight in 2003, “Find It® Games” is the quintessential success story in the toy and game industry. What started as a fun family idea at the dinner table has grown into a business that has sold over 1 million units, and a brand name that is recognized by the best specialty retailers in the industry.”

As you all know by now, my family loves to play games So I am always happy to welcome new ones into our game nights.

Oh Really

“The Lively Game of What Matters Most! Opinions count as players try to guess how their friends really feel about what matters most. From the seemingly trivial to the highly debatable, "Oh, Really!" reveals players’ true feelings about everything from "Emotions" to "Underwear". You’ll be rolling with laughter and caught by surprise when players rank 5 random items based on their own priorities. Then just when you think you have someone figured out, they rank "Makeup" ahead of "Memory", making you exclaim "Oh, Really!". Ages 10+ Players: 3-8 (or teams)”-Find it Games

I Love this game. It is really fun to see what people choose in order of importance. It is always fun to see how little or how much you know about someone and what they will pick. We have played this with many of our friends and family and it is a hit every time!

Find It VeggieTales

“From the creators of the Award-winning Find It Game comes the latest entry into the world of VeggieTales: The new VeggieTales version of the Find It Game. Join the VeggieTales characters on a hand held scavenger hunt as you search for objects and characters straight from the best-loved stories in the VeggieTales collection. The fun begins by finding popular icons like the Viking Helmet, rubber ducky and slushy cup. This version of Find It also features authentic characters such as Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus, Philippe Green Pea and Madame Blueberry. These characters, and so much more, are hidden amongst a sea of colorful pellets just waiting to be found by kids and parents alike. Bright VeggieTales graphics complete the package in a wonderful new Find It game thats sure to be a hit with the whole family!”-Find it Games

This is a great game for kids, they love searching for the items inside. It is really nice for times when you would like quiet, for example: in the car or waiting at the doctors office, etc...I love that all ages can enjoy this game.

You can purchase both of these Family Games at www.FinditGames.com. Oh Really and Veggie Tales Find it Games get Bragging Rights!



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