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The Lid & Spills Fun Onto Puzzles

By Find It Games / Tuesday, January 17, 2012 / News

Contained Adventure Maker Find It® Games Opens The Lid & Spills Fun Onto Puzzles

Introducing Pieces of History Series of Educational Puzzles Plus “On The Farm” New Cylinder Game At Toy Fair Booth 5867

Snohomish, WA (January 17, 2012) – Grownups have been puzzling over where to find a perfect toy that’s educational, affordable, durable and intriguing. Find It® Games, the award-winning maker of contained adventures, has responded with hide-and-seek fun in a sturdy cylinder for kids 8 to 98! Now there’s something new to hunt in 2012 because Find It is opening up the clear cylinder and spilling the items onto 300-piece puzzles. Visitors to New York City’s American International Toy Fair can open the box to play Pharaoh’s Egypt, On Dry Ground or Parade Of Animals eye-catching historical puzzles at Booth 5867. Find It expands its contained adventures with a new theme game, On The Farm, shaped appropriately like a silo.

Puzzles provide a wonderful opportunity for families to share time together and it’s not surprising that Find It has broadened its game line to horizontal play after years of success with its vertical adventures. The puzzle series, Pieces of History, targets a significant event familiar to both children and adults.

Once the pieces are put in place, the history-themed puzzles offer an instant lesson to children and adults as they read the parchment-like list of hidden items. In the Pharaoh’s Egypt puzzle, one item to uncover is the Eye of Horus. The item is explained at an age-appropriate level as, “belonging to the falcon god, Horus, this symbol was thought to bring prosperity and protection.” In the Parade of Animals, descriptions of Gold Dust Day Gecko, Smooth Green Snake and Sugar Glider expose children to the wider world and may entice them to learn more on their own!

But puzzles aren’t the only story for 2012. Find It piggybacks its successful cylinder games with a new theme that Old MacDonald would adore -- On The Farm. Children hunt for familiar items – this time with a rural twist -- much like last year’s popular themed At The Beach or

2011 was indeed a popular year for the toy maker, winning over a dozen industry honors including top prizes from Creative Child, Dr. Toy, Parents’ Choice Foundation, The National Parenting Center, Tillywig, Mr. and GreatDad Recommends. There’s little doubt that toy industry judges will “find” these four new products irresistible in 2012:

Pieces of History: Pharaoh’s Egypt • $13 • Ages 8+
Ancient Egypt is vividly portrayed in this 300-piece puzzle
artwork commissioned from painter Rachel Land. A day in
the life of the Egyptians along the Nile of Pharaoh’s time
becomes a second game once the pieces are in place. Look
around the border or deep inside the scene to “find it” – a list
of 40 Egyptian items from sandals, sword, necklace, wine jar and pottery to animals like cobra, crocodile, leopard, jackals and monkey. Instead of putting the pieces back in the box for another day, consider framing the handsome historic scene.

Pieces of History: On Dry Ground • $13 • Ages 8+
Jigsaw puzzle players will delight in the vibrant artwork commissioned from painter Rachel Land. On Dry Ground captures the crossing of the Red Sea -- a significant event of historical
relevance. Pictured on the perimeter of this 300-piece puzzle are icons from that era – a chariot wheel, scrolls, wine goblet. Like the traditional Find It game, players need to look closely throughout the finished puzzle to uncover the hidden objects within the artwork. The included key, resembling an Egyptian parchment document, explains the significance of each found object. When play is over, consider framing this beautiful scene!

Pieces of History: The Parade of Animals • $13 • Ages 8+
Before Noah gathered the animals there was a world of creatures to behold. In this beautiful artwork commissioned from painter Rachel Land is a vivid image of animals from across the globe -- from pandas to koalas. Throughout the 300-piece puzzle are icons hidden within the scenery. Can you find Gold Dust Day Gecko or Fox or Salmon? The beautifully detailed key of animals explains the significance of each found object. Once play is done, consider framing this handsome piece of art.

On The Farm • $23 • Ages 8+

Old MacDonald-wannabes and animal lovers alike will delight in the new “On The Farm” hidden object game with 42 different items tucked among the brightly colored pellets, all packaged inside a clever silo-shaped cylinder, complete with a ladder! Like all Find It hidden object games, this barnstormer of a game provides hours of fun for all generations. Use the enclosed score pad to check off items as kids, babysitters, parents and grandparents find a chicken, a tractor, a scarecrow or a milk jug. On the bottom of the game is a checklist of all items which allows players to “find it” in the car, in the backyard or even down at the local barn!

Since 2003, consumers of Find It games boasted that time just flies when playing any of the themed games. Candid customer comments posted on their website,, say it all!

“What a great toy. I bought it for my son but it keeps my husband busy as well (ha ha!)” -- Amanda

“The toy is fantastic, all the adults are addicted to it poor children cannot get to play it!” – Debby “Awesome idea, I'm going to bring it back to school and leave in on my desk in my dorm room.” – Dave

“Love the game! Every time I pick it up it is like a brand new challenge.” – Christine

Retail shoppers from Target and Barnes & Noble to neighborhood Hallmark stores can find an array of Find It educational games. Or shop online at a number of sites from to


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