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On the bottom edge of the octagonal top label beneath the web address there is a 4 digit number. Enter this number along with the date year on the penny to earn your spot on the “Wall of Fame” and get your certificate.  Please note:  In order for the Penny Finder to work, the logo must have the double ovals FindIt Games logo
NOTE: If your game has a square front label  this game was made by a company with a license to do so. Unfortunately, they did not use a real penny and it does not qualify for the “Penny Finder” on our website. However, if you send a photo of the “coin” you found in an email to uswe want to honor that as well. We are happy to send you a certificate for your success in finding it. IDG Logo

All Find It® Games are once again proudly made by the founders, are assembled in the USA and contain a REAL US PENNY inside every game we make!

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