With the Find It® Contained Adventure™ games there are multiple ways to play. Anytime is a good time to look for the hidden objects within the multitude of colorful plastic pellets! Find It® is great for all ages to play; together as a family, with your friends, or by yourself. If you have found a new way to play the Find It®  Contained Adventure™ game please let us know. We are always looking for good input!

Additional ways to play Find It®

  • Time yourself to see how long it takes to find all the items
  • Find the letters alphabetically (Kids Version)
  • Spell words or practice for a spelling test with your kids
  • Find the objects alphabetically or specific letters
  • Look up and find fun facts of all the animals (Beach version)
  • Write a story with the objects you find in 5 minutes in the order you found them

Speed Rounds

As a family game, or by yourself you can use a timer to increase challenge and see how many items you can find in 30 seconds or other amounts of time. Speed rounds create an exciting sense of intensity and entertainment, but remember when you hear the buzzer, time is up. When played as a party game with a group of people this is challenging terrific fun!


Assign each item a point value (easiest with the least to hardest with 3-5 different point values) and see how many items you can find within 60 seconds.  The penny is the hardest to find so it could be 25 or even 50 points and maybe 10 points for the top hat and 5 points for other items that seem to always be visible. Have someone in your family keep track on a piece of paper and see who can score the most! This also is recommended as a family game or party game style of play.

Story Time

In "Story Time" everyone can take turns telling a story tied to each item they find.  Set a timer (or not) for the person to name the items and tell the story as they see them. At the end of the story time whoever remembers the most about someone’s story wins. This can help you get to know your friends or family better! The story time game is also a great way to use the Find It® game to create good fun conversations.

Find the Letter

With your family or friends write down a letter and see how many items you can find that start with that letter. It's important to have some time frame on this game type as well.