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Oh, Really! from Find It Games

By Find It Games / Monday, August 1, 2011 /

It turns out my 10 year old niece likes Wonder Bread more than she likes family. My husband likes his thumbs more than he likes traffic laws, both of which he likes more than musicals.

Oh, really?

Just when I thought I knew my family, we all played a new board game called Oh, Really: The Lively Game of What Matters Most! from Find It Games and I found out all sorts of interesting tidbits I may have never known otherwise. Like the fact that my niece would save the Wonder Bread before all of us.... Oh, really?!*

Besides the obvious indignation of being ousted by bread, there were some hearty debates and discussions flying during our family game night. All because of a really fun game that asks you to rate a series of 5 random cards in terms of importance to you and other players have to try and guess your rating in order to score points.

Sometimes you would get lighthearted cards like “ice cream” or “makeup” and other times you will get things like “democracy”, “water” or “wealth”, but most of the time it will be a random mix of both and you will have to decide what items are the most important to you. Nearly always, the turn ends with someone thinking {or yelling} “Oh, Really?”. Then, of course, there was always a discussion about why so and so ranked whatnot over whatever and it was those discussions that really made this simple game so interesting.

There are numerous ways to play the game to make it even more fun and tailor it to your group. From setups ranging from one person being “it” and everyone else trying to best match their card order, teams of two where you take turns being “it”, and then a whole slew of made up versions that were fun to think up and play as a group, there are variations to keep everyone interested for multiple games.

We all really like Oh, Really! and thought it was fun to play, especially with all the different age ranges that made for some really fun answers. In addition to being a great conversation starter, the game is actually a really good tool to keep around now that I’ve got teenaged nieces and nephews {yikes!} and look for any fun way to connect with them and still keep the conversations flowing.

Oh, Really! is for three to eight players or teams, ages 10 and older and it retails for $20.00 from the Find It Games website


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