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Veggie Tales Find It Game - Review

By Find It Games / Saturday, July 2, 2011 / Reviews
Summer means lots of time spent outdoors and enjoying the weather while we can. It also means traveling and going on road trips as well. For those times when we have a long car ride or we're stuck in the house on a rainy day...I always like to have fun things on hand to keep the kids entertained. I try to keep my eye out for ideas, which is why I was happy when introduced to Find It Games.

Founded by husband and wife partners, Bob and Lynn knight in 2003, Find It Games began as a fun family idea at the dinner table. Now grown into a business that has sold over 1 million units, Find It Games is a brand name that is recognized by the best specialty retailers in the industry and found in over 7,000 specialty retail stores such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hallmark, Target, Christian Book and more!

Find It® Games is the winner of two National Parenting Center Seals of Approval, one for Oh, Really!, a game for 10 years and up that helps you get to know the priorities and values of your playmates. The other is for Find It Games—Veggie Tales style, a scavenger hunt in a tube for 4 years and up, great for travel or home.

Growing up I remember loving hide and seek, scavenger hunts, etc. Knowing how much kids love to find things...I thought the idea of creating games that not only help children to find hidden objects, but also help them find creativity and great and couldn't have been happier to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review the Veggie Tales Find It game!

When the product arrived, I was immediately impressed with the quality. This Find It Game comes in a clear cylinder that is extremely durable and well made. It holds up well to little ones shaking (and sometimes even dropping it on accident) and is a toy I can tell will last us a very long time. I love knowing

that it's something each of our kids will be able to use and enjoy over the years.

The size is also great. It's perfect for little hands. Not only that, but it's extremely portable which means it's wonderful for traveling or at home. We've taken it with us many places and love how convenient it is to grab and go.

Basically, the Veggie Tales Find It game is a clear cylinder with hidden objects hiding and floating inside a sea of colorful pellets.

By shaking, turning, spinning and maneuvering the canister can try to bring objects out from hiding. Kaelyn absolutely loves hide and seek type games, so I had a feeling this would be a big hit. I was right! She has had a blast rolling the cylinder around between her hands trying to find everything from Veggie Tales characters to items like hats, an umbrella, duck, whale, and more!

What I love most is that this game holds her attention for a very long time. She enjoys the challenge of trying to find the hidden treasures, yet it doesn't become stressful which is great. Even my husband and I have enjoyed playing this fun game!

There is a scorecard for keeping track of your finds, as well as a list of the objects on the top of the game as well. We used the scorecard to mark off the things we found several times, but use the list on the top of the

game even more. I love that it's so accessible so we know exactly what we're looking for.

I really like that there's a list of words on one end, and one thing I'd love to see, especially for younger children like Kaelyn who are not reading words a small picture/image of each of the objects on the other end of the game so she can easily see what objects there are to find. Not having pictures hasn't effected the fun at all though! After going through the list with me, she has a pretty good idea of the different things she's looking for and still has a wonderful time playing it! Bob the Tomato is her favorite character to find!

This game is really great and one I'm so happy to now own. It's entertaining, easy to take with us wherever we go, great quality, and a fun...quiet game for Kaelyn to play wherever we're at. The fact that the theme is Veggie Tales makes it even this is a favorite in our house and something she easily relates to.

Concentrating :)
I am a huge fan of this Find It game and would definitely recommend it to other families.


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