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Minn Mama Must Haves

By Find It Games / Thursday, July 14, 2011 /
If you are looking for a great game that you can take traveling with you this Summer then the line of Find It games is for you! These games are great for road trips and Summer vacations because they provide hours of fun.

Danika loved searching for the hidden treasures in the Find It Veggie Tales themed game. Each game comes with a notepad containing a list of the hidden objects in the toy so you can check them off as you find them. This game is great for all ages and perfect for the car, home or on the go.

"A fun and innovative game that is challenging yet not stressful. That in a nutshell is how parent testers reviewed this newest version of Find It, the ingenious game of hidden objects hiding and floating inside a clear cylinder that just begs to be shaken, turned and spun. The entire family no matter the age, from child to grandparent can have fun maneuvering the canister around trying to bring objects out

from hiding. There is a scorecard for keeping track of your finds. Other comments about the game ranged from praise for its sturdiness to thumbs up for portability. This is a really great game for the car."

Why we love it: Find It games are fun for all ages and can be played at home and on the go. I love that it is an easy game that is fun and relaxing.

Suggestions for improvement: None, Find It games are great! When I worked as a nurse in Pediatrics we had them on hand as distraction tools for kids to look at during procedures. They are wonderful!

Buy It! You can buy Find It games on their site as well as at national retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hallmark, Target, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and Christian book and gift Stores!


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