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Play On: No-Tech Games For Every Age and Stage

By Find It Games / Thursday, August 18, 2011 /

I am a big fan of games and toys that don’t require batteries. Here is a great list of no-tech games for all ages!

... Oh Really!, The Lively Game of What Matters Most, is a game where players ages 10 and older try to guess how their friends really feel about what matters most.

From the seemingly trivial to the highly debatable, “Oh, Really.” reveals players’ true feelings about everything from “Emotions” to “Underwear”.

A great ice breaker for 3-8 players, or teams! I already love the Find It game and now, for Veggie Tales fans, there is Find It Game Brain Teaser -

Veggie Tales!
The new VeggieTales version of the Find It Game is a hand held scavenger hunt for objects and characters straight from VeggieTales.

Fans will recognize the Viking Helmet, rubber ducky and slushy cup, as well as authentic characters such as Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus, Philippe Green Pea and Madame Blueberry. Find It games are mess- free, battery free, and great for car travel!


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