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Heck of a Bunch Review

By Find It Games / Wednesday, August 24, 2011 /
Find It Games is a company that's being featured for the Heck Of A Celebration blog event I'm hosting. During the event I will be featuring companies that offer products and gifts suitable for birthday parties.

Find It Games has got the whole family addicted to finding hidden treasures. From me and my husband to all six of the kids, we've got an obsession with Find It Games. I received the Find It On A Hunt Game and it's been hard for any of us to put it down.

Find It Games are cylinder shaped tubes filled with pellets. Inside each one are different trinkets and pieces that fit the theme of the game. It is your job to try to locate as many of the pieces as you can by moving the tube around to shake up the pellets and reveal the pieces. On top of each tube is a list of the pieces to find. There's also tear-off checklists included with each game so you can mark off which pieces you've located.

The Find It On A Hunt version has 48 hidden treasures mixed in with camo-colored pellets. Some of the treasures include an arrow, a rope a hiking boot, and a dog. So far my husband has found the

most pieces, but I'm giving him a run for his money! Each of us have spent lots of time playing the game, using our spy eyes to find the hidden gems. Included in each Find It Game is a real penny that can be registered online once it's found. If you're lucky enough to find the penny, register it online with the game number and year of the penny to have your name included on the "finder's" list. So far none of us have found the penny in our game, but it's not for lack of trying.

My family enjoys playing games and this is one of our favorites. It keeps us entertained and has us competing against each other to see who can come up with the most number of pieces
found. Instead of storing this game away in the closet for future play, I keep it set on one of my end tables in the living room. It seems that one of us is always picking it up to shake and turn the tube to find the treasures.



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