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Families.com - Celtic Challenge Review

By Find It Games / Thursday, July 21, 2011 /
As we settle in for a relaxing summer my family likes to gather board games to play on the porch, the beach or inside on a rainy day. The hustle and bustle of school days are over for the time so we can enjoy other activities which build family relationships and just have fun. I find my game choices are normally for younger children lately so I decided to find a game to challenge my older children as well. It is nice when such a game can include my six year old even if she ends up playing with someone. Celtic Challenge is a game that is simple to learn and fun to sit around playing during a quiet afternoon.

Celtic Challenge is a beautiful game. The game consists of 45 tiles which have a rustic feel to them, a wooden playing board, Celtic Staff Rune Marker, and a marker stone. The game is well made gives you the feeling you are playing an ancient game.

The tiles are engraved with Celtic symbols. The symbols have roots in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany. While many have suspected what the symbols mean no one really knows the actual meaning. The symbols include: Binary Knot, Triquetra, Celtic Quarternery Knot, Triskele Knot, and the Traditional Celtic Knot.

Object of Celtic Challenge

Simply the players have to remove as many tiles from the game board as possible in six rounds. The player who removes the most tiles after six rounds wins. The game can also be played solo. The recommended ages are for 8 and up.

Game Play

The game is fast paced, engaging, and centers on strategy. I love games which cause us to pause and think ahead a few moves. Games that go beyond the roll of the die or the hand dealt are the ones my family enjoys the most so this game was right up our alley. The game lasts about twenty minutes so you can play a few times or play just to pass the time. I especially love that the game can be played solo.


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