Find It Games Celebrates 10 years in business!

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Find It Games Celebrates 10 years in business!

By Find It Games / Thursday, March 7, 2013 / News

Happy 10th Birthday!

Find It Games Celebrates 10 years in business!

Founded in 2003, Find It® Games is the quintessential success story in the game industry. What started as an idea at the kitchen table has grown into a million-plus unit business and a brand name that is recog- nized by the best specialty retailers in the industry.

The Find It Game is a “contained adventure” – a family-friendly treas- ure hunt in a tall clear tube. The first Find It Games consisted of small household objects hidden in a pound of birdseed and then encased in a clear plastic pop bottle. Founders Bob and Lynn Knight made these early “production runs” at their kitchen table. When the concept caught on among friends and family members, Bob and Lynn decided to take the product to the next level. They rounded up their savings and created the business that would one day become a household name for millions.

Today, the Find It Game has been engineered using plastic end caps, a clear tube and plastic pellets. The objects inside range from everyday items to custom designed shapes and images, depending on the theme of the particular version. No matter which version – “Sports”, “Bird Watch”, “Glitz and Glamour”, etc. – the game is virtually indestructi- ble. It makes for the perfect game to keep out in the den, game room or kitchen and is a big hit as a travel game.

In 2008, Find It expanded its distribution to include national retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Borders and Hallmark. In 2009, Find It launched in Target, quickly becoming one of the best-selling games in the retailer’s assortment. For 2010 and beyond, Find It will continue to grow through additional themes, licenses and even brand new concepts from well-known inventors. The next phase of growth for the company

includes further international distribution – sev- en countries and counting - adding to the 7,000+ doors where consumers can “Find It” today!

In addition to broader distribution of the core “Find It” game, Bob and Lynn are expanding the business by adding new and unique products in the game and puzzle categories. The robust distribution channel they have devel- oped provides instant traction for new concepts, giving new products immediate exposure to their 7,000 doors. The first two products in this category were “Oh, Really!” and “Celtic Challenge.” “Oh, Really!” a social interaction game where players rank everyday items based on their own priorities. The items range from the simple (coffee, television, underwear) to the complex (morals, justice, laughter), which leads to some great conversation about which you could live without or not and why. “Oh, Really!” is a perfect gift for families, parties, or groups, and is a wonderful ice breaker. “Celtic Challenge” is an elegant coffee table game that is evocative of mah jong or solitaire. The game is played with rustic Celtic tiles and a rich wooden board, and is meant to be left out in a family room, liv- ing room, or den. This unique game can be played alone or between two players, and plays in less than 20 minutes. Like solitaire, it’s easy to jump in to a quick “challenge” whenever a fun distraction is needed.

Consumers can expect more interesting product from Find It Games in the months to come. Bob and Lynn are always on the lookout for innovative games and puzzles that fit the core values of the compa- ny. “We are a home schooling family,” says Bob, “which means that we place a ton of importance on education, family time, and fun. Our core values revolve around the notion that quality time with family and friends means having fun and playing together in a wholesome environment. Helping other families experience this is a big part of our vision.”

With the “Find It” game in the kitchens, dens, and cars of over a million people, Bob and Lynn are well on their way to making their vision a reality.

Thank you for all of your continued support and for purchasing our product throughout the years. We couldn’t have had the success these last 10 years without our loyal customers by our side. We are looking forward to seeing what is in store for us over the next sever- al years as we continue to bring you great quality products from a company who believes in the importance of quality family time.

- Bob Knight


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