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Sarah Lyn Gay - Review

By Find It Games / Thursday, March 31, 2016 / Reviews

Find It Eww Gross is a Winner!

*disclaimer: I was sent this Find It Eww Gross for purposes of review. All thoughts are mine and it totally cracked me up to look for boogers!

Have you ever wanted a game that your kids could play by themselves and it made them quiet for hours? How about that perfect toy to bring on long car rides? Something that keeps them entertained while suffering that long wait a the Doctor’s office?

Find It is your answer!

A clear tube, filled with all sorts of treasures among a batch of colorful plastic pellets. By spinning it, twisting it, shaking it and turning it, you can find the different items. It is basically a scavenger hunt in a bottle!

While there are several different versions of the game, we were sent “Eww Gross”.

That is the list that is actually printed on the end of the game…all items inside just waiting to be discovered!

The Find It game also comes with 27 playing cards that can turn it into a timed challenge with other players.

While the company calls it a “contained adventure”, I just call it fun! It IS educational as it promotes focus and concentration — not exactly STEM-worthy but it engages your brain.

Coming in at just under $20, I heartily approve of this gem from Identity Games! You don’t have to get the Gross version – they have a ton of others like: Pirates, Travel The World, Christmas, Bible, Wildlife, Dinosaurs and so much more that you can see on their site. I did notice that they have a Buy 3, Get 1 Free offer up right now!

Pardon me, I have to keep looking at my game to see if it has the Sparkly Poo! If it is in my game, I win a prize off their website.


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