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Mail4Rosey - Review

By Find It Games / Saturday, April 16, 2016 / Reviews

Oh the Things You Will Find at the Beach!

The description on the website for the Find It Games says these will boost focus and concentration. I'm here to tell you that is true, but these games are also a great conversation starter, and they're fun! My good friend and his family were visiting us recently and I walked by with this in my hand. He asked what it was, and then everyone in the room wanted to get it in on it (not just his kids, his wife loved this one too!).

The top of the container lists the things that are buried in the little beads. You move the container around any way you would like to try and find the items. The lid is sealed shut and does not come off, so you know everything that is supposed to be in there, stays in there. It also means the little beads and pieces aren't going to come out and make a mess, or become a choking hazard.

There are different versions to choose from, and we selected "At the Beach." You can see the pink fish on the left that was uncovered.

There's a yellow sea monkey and a blue flip flop (do you see them both?). The top of this container does not screw on and off, it's sealed tight. 

After one good shake, a hearty handful of items settled at the bottom and I got lucky to find them. That was the only time it happened, but it was definitely cool. :) You can see the starfish and a few other things. Even with this lucky find, there were still so many more items to look for that were on the list.

I think these Find it Games are great for the kids. I also think they'd be fun to put on your desk at work (or give to a teacher to put on her desk at school!), or to take with you when you're on a long car trip and the kids want/need something to do. This one is on a table in our living room. It's a fun addition that guests pick up and explore every time they sit down next to it. I love it!


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